Thermos mug CremaExtensaProtect Titan

Thermos mug CremaExtensaProtect Titan 376-AB.012

Black Stainless Steel Thermos Mug, with a capacity of 380ml, crafted from durable steel. This thermos mug maintains the warmth of your beverage for up to 5 hours. The lid of the thermos is leak-proof, and its copper insulation layer interior ensures spill-free enjoyment of your hot drink. The exterior of the thermos is powder-coated, and it is dishwasher-safe, making it convenient for cleaning between adventures.

(LFBG-compliant indicates that all tests have been conducted to ensure the absence of any harmful toxic substances, both in contact with the human body and with food.)

The product is 25% Recycled Stainless steel.


Antal 50 100 250 500
Pris/st 191,67 176,67 165,00 158,33

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E-post: 376-AB.012
Material 25% recycled stainless steel, ABS
Tryckmetoder Engraved
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